Compensation for residents and businesses in the municipality of Kassandra for damage caused by extreme weather conditions

25 September 2015
Question for written answer
to the Commission
Rule 130
Notis Marias (ECR)

The extreme weather and unprecedented storms that struck the municipality of Kassandra in the Chalkidiki Regional Unit caused a river to burst its banks, flooding hotels and homes in Siviri and significantly damaging the sheltered area of Phocaea.

As far as the extent of the damage is concerned, in Aphitos streams formed and swept away cars and flooded homes. The Fire Department pumped water from houses and rescued five people trapped in their cars. Furthermore, in view of the unprecedented damage, the Municipality of Kassandra has called on local residents and businesses to submit their applications so that the damage caused by the disaster can be assessed.

In view of the above, will the Commission say:

What measures will it adopt in favour of the residents and businesses of the municipality of Kassandra affected by this disaster — and within what timeframe — to repair the damage to the region caused by the extreme weather?

Source: European Parliament

Joint answer given by Ms Creţu on behalf of the Commission
Written questions: E-013125/15 , E-013126/15 , E-013592/15
In the event of serious natural disasters, the European Union Solidarity Fund, which has been established by the Council Regulation (EC) No 2012/2002 of 11 December 2002(1), may be mobilised to help Member States bear the cost of emergency and recovery operations. The Fund may however only intervene following to an application by the competent national authorities of the affected Member State within 12 weeks after the first occurrence of damage as a consequence of the natural disaster and if total direct damage exceeds a threshold, according to Articles 2 and 4. For a ‘major natural disaster’ the threshold is 0.6% of gross national income (i.e. EUR 1 091 billion for Greece). For a ‘regional natural disaster’, the threshold is 1.5% of regional GDP at NUTS 2 level. The Island of Skopelos is part of the Thessalia NUTS 2 region for which the threshold is EUR 148.6 million. The municipality of Kassandra is part of the Kentriki Makedonia NUTS 2 region for which the threshold is EUR 421.4 million. It should be noted that essential emergency and recovery operations as defined in Article 3 paragraph 2 are eligible to receive financial contribution in case of activation of the Solidarity Fund. Therefore, private losses may not be compensated by the Solidarity Fund.

Source: European Parliament

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