Allocation of EU funds for the management of municipal waste in the Peloponnese Region

30 September 2016
Question for written answer
to the Commission
Rule 130
Notis Marias (ECR)

The municipal waste management infrastructure in the Peloponnese is poor to non-existent in most regional units. The situation is out of control, as the waste ends up either in landfills that are now full or, in most cases, in areas of uncontrolled landfill. The above situation results in destructive fires which are dangerous to public health.

Given that critical decisions on dealing with this problem are still pending and that these decisions, because of their gravity, lead executives in the local authorities, the municipalities and the Solid Waste Management Operator (FODSA) for the Peloponnese into fruitless polemics, and given the importance attached to issues of environmental protection, waste management, and the enhancement of the circular economy in the European Union:

What additional funds can the Commission allocate and within what timescale for dealing with municipal waste management issues, such as in the Region of Peloponnese?
What other initiatives will it take in cooperation with the competent national authorities to improve the absorption of existing funds with a view to solving the above municipal waste management issues?


Answer to a written question – Allocation of EU funds for the management of municipal waste in the Peloponnese Region – E-007332/2016

9 December 2016
Answer given by Ms Creţu on behalf of the Commission
The Commission is aware of the long-standing and problematic issue concerning the management of solid waste in the Peloponnese. Therefore, the most urgent need is the adoption of the pending regional strategy for solid waste and the quick implementation of the respective actions provided in the national and regional programmes, for which the necessary European Regional Development Fund and Cohesion Fund allocations are available.

Within the limits of their competence, the Commission services are ready to examine and support any constructive proposal to this direction. In parallel, the Commission is also monitoring the execution of the Court of Justice’s ruling C-378/13 of 02/12/2014, which imposed a fine on Greece, as long as its illegal landfills continue to operate and/or are not rehabilitated. Many of those illegal landfills are located in the Peloponnese.

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